Not a Hiatus

I’ve fallen behind on the academic/research side of this weblog, mostly because I’m still working on whipping that article into shape (spent a good while yesterday working on it) and other various projects, and because the combination of grading papers and student conferences vampired any remaining intellectual energy I might have had. Still got lots to do, but I’m trying to get my wheels back on the daily tarmac here — kinda like working out or running, I suppose, in the difficulty in pushing oneself to do it despite the knowledge of how good it feels to actually do it.

Anyway. One last five-hour stretch of conferences tomorrow, plus a few hours at the library, and then two projects due Wednesday, teaching Thursday, and I’ll be into the heavy-duty prospectus work, hoping to be past most of the milestones by early November, and cruise control until Thanksgiving.

Side question: I’m doing some research as a favor for someone, and I’m wondering if anybody knows of or has worked with or for places offering good college-credit correpondence (not internet) courses for less than $100 per credit hour — any suggestions?

Not a Hiatus

One thought on “Not a Hiatus

  • October 15, 2003 at 1:04 am

    I can’t imagine anyone offering courses for less than $100/hour and you know, we’re the footheel of the universe down here. Perhaps a tech school if it’s only basics.

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