Graduate Seminar in Classical Rhetoric

I’ve loved classical rhetoric for a long time. This semester, I finally get to teach it.

I took Latin in high school and to fulfill my language requirement in graduate school, and had amazing teachers, including Bill Nickerson, Teresa Ramsby, and Elizabeth Keitel. To their credit, I now read Latin passably well, and have a little bookshelf of red-jacketed dual-language Loeb editions. Those instructors were all excellent at teaching not only the language but what was going on at the time, and their approach made classical rhetoric feel vital and alive in ways that it didn’t in some of the English-specific courses I took for my PhD. In the seminar I’m teaching this semester, I’ve tried to imitate their approach: this is ancient rhetoric in its amazing, breathtaking material context.


Graduate Seminar in Classical Rhetoric
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2 thoughts on “Graduate Seminar in Classical Rhetoric

  • September 2, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    I raise a glass to Nickerson and to you. Thanks for the reminder.
    Your syllabus has been saved for that spare year I might have in a few decades. Thanks.

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