Materials from some of the talks I've given.

Toward a Digital Pedagogy for Economically Diverse Valuations of Labor and Capital

Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2017

In Portland in March 2017, I presented (PDF text and Google slides) some of the inital results of a study investigating ways to ask students to track and reflect on their work writing and responding to writing using digital technologies, with an emphasis on how their data was used.

Goldfarmer Goldfarmer: Time and the Deadbeat Escapements of Writing

Computers and Writing, 2013

My presentation in Frostburg (text and PowerPoint slides; boldface text indicates slide transitions) was a very early draft portion of the final chapter of my monograph, wherein I performed a dialetical examination of the complementary meanings of four key terms—worker, capital, time, and labor—and their implications for digital writing.

Inventing the Nation: Technologies of Literacy in Afghanistan's Diverse Economy

Conference on College Composition and Communication, 2012

After my return from OEF, where I worked to help develop Afghan postsecondary writing curricula and mentor Afghan college-level writing instructors, I gave several presentations (PDF text and a 9.9 MB slide deck) describing my experiences and suggesting possible implications.